Beltane Rite with a College Class

Group photo

Eight students and their professor visited us from Wofford College, SC.

Queen Lady Passion and *Diuvei often host groups of college and university students who want to experience traditional Witchcraft. In this capacity Coven Oldenwilde hosted a circle for eight students from Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and their professor Daniel Mathewson, PhD, after sunset in the Covenstead ritual room on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016.

Sarah boldly leaps the balefire.

The Beltane Sabbat ritual involved an hour of meet ‘n’ greet Q & A upstairs; casting downstairs; leaping a Strega blue cauldron fire while wish-making and for healthy stamina throughout the upcoming season; tossing lots — groups of three buckeyes or black walnut shell halves — to divine the future of each participant; the High Priestess gifting each a similar div kit of dried, marked fava beans and explanatory scroll (in our “The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems”); and follow-up Q & A back upstairs again prior to their departure.

Several students sit around a blazing cauldron; Lady Passion gestures in foregrond.

Lady Passion answers a question in circle.

As always, we found the visiting students intelligent, curious, respectful, and brave, and felt honored that Daniel had brought around a second crew of his charges to work real, ancient magic with us to usher in spring and summer.

Enjoy seeing what it was like, in these pix and video shot during the event!

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