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Lingua Arcana: Magic Spell Power Words


Lady Passion & *Diuvei teach how to pronounce “barbarous” ancient magic spells & words of power from The Goodly Spellbook and other grimoires. Video version (.mp4, 49 min.) includes spell illustrations and helpful notes. Audio version (.mp3, 59 min.) includes 10 minutes of additional material that's not in the movie.


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The above preview of Lingua Arcana on Coven Oldenwilde’s YouTube channel sparked a censorship controversy between Coven Oldenwilde and Google/YouTube that made prime-time news. We won, and Google removed the “potentially offensive or inappropriate” warning that had been tagged onto our channel.

The 2-minute preview shows how to pronounce the spell that saved Asheville’s famous magnolia trees — the powerful “Bagahi Rune”.

Lady Passion and *Diuvei teach how to use and pronounce numerous authentic, ancient spells and chants in this workshop (filmed at a Pagan gathering), including:

  • The original “Abracadabra”
  • The Chant of the Vowels
  • The hidden name of “God” (or the more inclusive term we prefer, “the All”)
  • The legendary “Ephesia Grammata,” famed for their “great power, both defensive and aggressive”
  • A protective spell for traveling, from the Elizabethan wizard John Dee
Choose video, audio, or both versions:
  • Video version: Format = MP4, duration = 49 min., download size = 205 MB. (Older Windows systems may need the free VLC Player.)
  • Audio version: Format = MP3, duration = 1 hour, download size = 54 MB. (Plays on all computers and digital devices.)