We are thrilled to encourage magical people to buy and use the Pentagram Psionic Machine that we helped design. We work with many tools, and it’s been a delight to add this to our repertoire! Just as folks realized that digital recorders could record verbal communications from spirits and that cell phone cameras could snap ghost orbs, people began working with psionics (also known as “radionics” or “eloptic energy”) in the early 20th century when they were experimenting with electricity’s and crystals’ capabilities. Although called a “machine”, the box is powered by quartz crystals and personal intention (and electricity if you order that model). Its effects are quick and astonishing: We personally vouch for its effectiveness. When it works for you, feel free to email us your testimonials at:!

Reasons to Buy a Pentagram Psionic Machine

  • It’s a powerful organic magical tool that makes wishes come true. It’s a smooth wood box with two 3-inch-square copper plates. Direct your intention through it by turning one or more (up to five) black knobs (one at each of the pentagram points). It is powered by hidden quartz crystals whose energy you can boost using electricity as well if you buy the Premium model. You can further decorate the box to suit.
  • It’s a simple way to work quick magic. Put a depiction of what you don’t want on the left copper “witness” plate, and one representing your wish on the right copper “target” plate. For example, if you’re poor and want money, you could put a penny on the witness plate, and a dollar on the target plate, to symbolize increasing wealth. Twist the knobs to banish what you don’t want and attract what you do want. Afterward, remove the tokens or keep them on the machine if you want the magic to keep running in your absence. Relish the good luck, love, and wellbeing that manifests!
  • It’s a silent portable altar. The machine is discreet — makes no noise. It’s compact enough to fit in a backpack, and great if you live in a small place. Twist knobs to attract wanted, or banish threatening, Wiccan Elements (earth, air, fire, water, spirit). For instance, to stop a dangerous storm, you could twist the air (wind), fire (lightning), and water (rain) knobs ayenward (widdershins, or counter-clockwise).
  • It’s a Feng Shui tool. Twist knobs to attract productive Asian Elements (earth, fire, water, wood, metal) or mitigate destructive effects of the Elements.
  • You can link two or more machines together to wish side-by-side with another. Connect two to work wish magic with a friend or mate, or more machines to practice group magic, using the crossover cable(s) we offer as an optional accessory.
  • It enables folks with physical infirmities. The machine is blind-friendly because it operates by touch — no sight required. It empowers magical folk that can no longer stand and circle or dance a speedy Cone of Power because you can sit and work it.
  • It’s international. Everyone of any age in any culture can use the machine because it has no words or numbers on it to translate. The machine is made in America and ships free worldwide.
  • It comes with a free printable tutorial. Read it now!
  • Your support helps our religious nonprofit aid the needy worldwide.

Product Specifications

Electrical rating

0.5A, 12V (Premium model only)


2.5 in.


8.25 in.


8 in.