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Recommended 5 stars Empowering "must-have"
4 stars Very enabling
2 stars Falsely misleading
1 stars Useless drivel

Goodly magical books and divination kits ring true: They can arm you with facts to oppose bigotry, ignorance, and persecution; spark inspiration that makes your life enticing to others; and banish boredom by providing further paths through their footnotes and bibliographies for you to explore magic's vastness to the end of your days. But for newcomers to magic and even experienced spellcrafters, it can be frustratingly difficult to find these gems amid the rubble of repetitious, shallow, misleading, and made-up product that dominates the marketplace.

Make your time and money count: Bestselling Witch author Lady categorizes, rates, and reviews recommended and non-recommended Craft books to help you distinguish worthy from worthless tomes.

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Witchcraft Basics

By Lady Passion:

By Lady Passion & *Diuvei

Beliefs, Practices, & Traditions of Pagans, Witches, & Wiccans

Folklore, Myth, & Superstition

Countering Persecution

Fortune-telling & Divination

Healing Arts

Rituals & Spells

Witchcraft-Related Subjects

Suppressed History

Pagan Kids & Teens

Magical Symbolism & Sacred Geometry

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