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Hypnotic Trance Induction


Let Lady Passion's soothing voice guide you into hypnotic trance and on a safe, pleasant out-of-body adventure. Learn how to experience astral travel, past-life recall, time travel, self-hypnosis, and other spiritual, magical, and meditative practices — or just relax and float free from the stressful world for a while!


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Trance induction is an ancient, natural method that you can use to alter your physical and mental state in order for you to experience numerous magical realms and benefit yourself, others, the planet, and more.

When it is properly done and even perfected, you will no longer be shackled to your body’s confines — you’ll experience the ultimate in liberation! You’ll be able to go backward and forward in time; travel to distant lands; check on distant friends and loved ones; see how Earth fares on a global level; explain and eliminate your phobias; heal others from afar; gain personal insight into why you act as you do and what your ongoing soul goals and challenges are; see the amazing diversity of life-forms on other planets and realms; interact with Gods and Goddesses in the realms They reside in; and create and maintain a secret place of refuge that only you know about, and can flee to in times of trouble, pain, or exhaustion.

Mastering hypnotic trance is a venerable, valuable magical skill that will help you maximize the rest of your mystical capabilities to their fullest. This audio lesson (or the complete printable transcript) can be used alone or in a group, and does not require any prior experience or training — anyone can experience it. (But we don’t recommend playing it while driving, at work, or in similar situations where you need to stay in your body!)

The tutorial is in two parts:

  • Part I: Explanatory Introduction (48 minutes) explains hypnotic trance induction, and describes some of the strange-but-true mystical experiences of Lady Passion and students and clients she has led in astral travel and past-life recall;
  • Part II: Head-to-Toe Relaxation, followed by Hypnotic Trance Induction (31.5 minutes) leads the listener into a deeply relaxed physical and mental state, then guides them on an enjoyable astral journey.

Available in three versions (choose one, or any combination):

  • MP3, for any digital device.
  • CD (CD Audio format), for all CD players & computers.
  • PDF transcript, for teachers who want to induce trances themselves; for groups, Covens, or individuals; or to read along with an MP3 or CD version.