New books! Rituals & Sabbats, Candle Magic

Lady Passion and *Diuvei’s two new Witchcraft books debut our much-anticipated series of in-depth follow-ups to our popular The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems. Both Rituals & Sabbats and Candle Magic are now available at bookstores and For a limited time, buy or order author-signed copies at Malaprops Bookstore.

Rituals & Sabbats: Sacred Rites and Seasonal Celebrations is rich in true stories of our rites that deeply affected us, basic ritual instructions and scripts for Solitaries and Covens, and traditional dates, meanings, and feast foods for every Sabbat and Esbat along with deities and customs from cultures worldwide.

From reverent rites to raucous revelries, Rituals & Sabbats is beautifully illustrated and reveals Witch secrets of traditional altars, tools, and spells to infuse your life with power from the cradle to the grave, and how to make magical memories during every season. We give clear explanations of the dates and meanings of the Sabbats — and uncover the true history of the Wheel of the Year as reflected through Wiccan, Celtic, Norse, Roman, Chinese, and other Pagan traditions.

Written by Lady Passion (Dixie Deerman), High Priestess, and *Diuvei (Steve Rasmussen), High Priest, Coven Oldenwilde of Asheville, North Carolina. Published by Sterling Ethos, ISBN 978-1454926771.

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Candle Magic: Working with Wax, Wick, & Flame is rife with ash, fire, heat, light, smoke, and solar Pagan customs, deities, entities, rites, spells, and traditions from cultures worldwide.

From fiery beasts and spirits to fortunetelling with wax, Candle Magic reveals Witch secrets of how to master the volatile Fire Element and work wicked powerful wonders to energize, heal, and inspire yourself and others.

Evocatively illustrated, and written by Lady Passion (Dixie Deerman), High Priestess, Coven Oldenwilde of Asheville, North Carolina. Published by Sterling Ethos, ISBN 978-1454927082.

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Both books are beautifully printed, affordable, sturdy hardcovers — and just the right size for slipping into a backpack, reading from in circle … or hiding behind a boring textbook in a class, library, or bible study <|;-)

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